The thing I would be most ashamed for people to know about me…


The thing I would be most ashamed for people to know about me is that I have mental illness.  I am not ashamed because there is anything wrong with me- I am ashamed because I know how people react to the stigma of it.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, and Bi-Polar Disorder. In other words I have crazy good attention to detail; I am a touch hyper, a bit socially awkward, and moody. But I am lucky. I have a job where I work with sensitive information and it pays that I can be extremely careful with numbers, I have a fiancé who loves the energy I have and who nurtures my strengths.  And I am blessed to have parents who are understanding and want the best for me.

The stigma that says a person with mental illness is lesser is mistaken. They are just uniquely gifted in ways that not everybody can understand. And to the employers out there, most people with deficits are more eager to prove that they are a valuable asset. And to the people out there who have mental illness and think they are unable to meet someone that will love them: there is someone for everyone. You might just have to look a bit harder and be more selective. Mental illness is not the terrible thing society makes it out to be, it’s just another one of life’s many obstacles that make life interesting.

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